Bilstein B4, B6 and B8 shocks | OE replacement shock

Bilstein B4, B6 and B8 shocks | OE replacement shock

Shock absorbers give a vehicle more stability by compensating for vibrations, which is noticeable, for example, through better control when braking or evading. Specially optimized shock absorbers offer more comfort, safety and performance than standard products. We carry more than 6000 applications of the Bilstein B4, B6 and B8 dampers for all common passenger cars, SUVs and Vans.


Bilstein B8 shock absorber:

Perfect OE replacement shock absorber for lowered vehicles

High-performance shock absorbers for sporty cars: BILSTEIN B8 gas-pressure shock absorbers offer the perfect performance enhancement to go with the sporty look of lowering suspension kits. The specially shortened high-performance shocks guarantee the required spring tension for lowering springs and therefore support the sporting and dynamic driving experience.

  • For use with lowering spring sets and production sport suspensions
  • Sporty feel while maintaining comfort
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • Individually fine-tuned during BILSTEIN road testing
  • Enhanced safety and performance with lowering spring change
  • Precision handling for optimized vehicle control
  • BILSTEIN upside-down monotube technology available

    Bilstein Shock absorber Partfinder

    Bilstein B6 shock absorber:

    Improved OE replacement for high demands

    The ideal gas-pressure shock absorber for those who refuse to compromise, either on performance or on comfort, even when the pressure is on. Our yellow BILSTEIN B6 shock absorber delivers a better quality of OE replacement when the demands are high.

    The Bilstein B6 shock absorber offers higher performance reserves for a variety of demanding everyday situations. With its special damper setting, it is particularly suitable for vehicles that are often heavily loaded, for trailer operation (caravans) or for vehicles with a gas tank.

    Each vehicle application for the Bilstein B6 shock absorber is developed in the legendary Bilstein road test and has to pass an extensive range of tests, as the head of Bilstein Academy, Rainer Popiol, reveals.

    • Higher power reserves and a longer service life even when pulling transporters and trailers or during frequent journeys with loads
    • Optimum grip and enhanced lane stability in day to day and extreme situations
    • Perceivably enhanced safety and performance without additional spring exchange (use of series spring possible)
    • High traction and more precise handling thanks to BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology
    • BILSTEIN mono-tube Upside-Down technology possible
    • Individually fine-tuned in the BILSTEIN road test
    • No parts certification required
      Bilstein B6 shock absorber

      Bilstein B4 replacement shock absorber:

      Driving experience just like on the first day

      The Bilstein B4 is available for practically any model of passenger car – in both mono-tube and twin-tube shock absorber versions!

      • High power reserves for maximum safety
      • Optimum driving experience as on day one
      • High OE quality
      • Constant damping power under any load
      • High traction and precise handling thanks to Bilstein gas-pressure technology
      • Comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability

      Bilstein B4 air suspension module:

      In close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, Bilstein developed the Bilstein B4 air suspension module for maximum driving comfort. The revolutionary design provides damping, suspension and level control in one single part. The Bilstein B4 air suspension module is available for active and passive systems and is therefore the ideal OE replacement part for a perfect driving experience as on day one.

      • 100 % functionality as on day one
      • 100 % new parts for maximum stability and reliable safety
      • 100 % uncompromising OE quality
      • 100 % comfort
      • Available for all air suspension systems – active and passive
      • Individually fine-tuned in the BILSTEIN road test
      Bilstein B4 OE replacement damper
      Bilstein B4 OE replacement damper15-069160
      Bilstein B4 air suspension module
      Bilstein B4 air suspension module 44-102265

      For more than 60 years, Bilstein has been the preferred development partner for chassis and shock absorber systems for well-known automobile manufacturers. With Bilstein products, you don't have to choose between price and quality, but always benefit from the best OE manufacturer quality with an attractive price-performance ratio.

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