H&R Lowering Springs Ford Edge

H&R Lowering Springs Ford Edge

Upgrade the driving performance of your Ford Edge with H&R Lowering Springs and TRAK+ Wheel Spacers. 

The Ford Edge is strikingly different and its presence is impressive. H&R Sport Springs in combination with Wheel Spacers give the SUV an powerful appearance.

The H&R Lowering Springs lower the Ford Edge by 40 millimeters at the front axle and 50 millimeters at the rear. They also enable more direct steering while reducing the body's rolling movement. The Ford Edge's bulky appearance doesn't only gain the upper hand, it's sportier in terms of handling as well. 

In addition to the sportier look, the springs achieve improved handling characteristics of the Ford Edge, while maintaining superb ride quality.

All H&R Lowering Springs are delivered with ABE or approval and are compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers. 

Ford Edge on H&R lowering springs and wheel spacers

The Ford Edge presents itself even more self-confident with H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers. These are available in silver or black and enable precise alignment of original and retrofit wheels on the fender edges. 

About H&R

The secret to such success? To put it simply, the technology H&R employs to develop cutting-edge suspension systems for competition use is the very same used to develop innovative suspension components for street-driven cars.

In addition, H&R maintains extensive involvement in several touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series. Not to mention the Formula 1- where each circuit may have its own demanding characteristics.

In the harsh environs of competition, H&R is able to test new materials and innovate production technologies. All of which can help racing teams adapt to changing road conditions accurately and efficiently.

Every sport-oriented motorist can experience the result of these efforts! Suspension components “Made by H & R” enjoy appreciation from the international trade press and from customers all over the world.

Car manufacturers such as Porsche, AMG Mercedes, Volkswagen, MINI and BMW also rely on the know-how and flexibility of H & R for various special models. But not only sporty drivers, who had suspension components like sport springs for the Ford Edge installed to optimize their vehicles, appreciate the qualities of the H & R products.

Simply put, H&R is more than just a suspension manufacturer — it is a company whose core philosophies are innovation, quality and performance.

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