Now available: MB Design wheels

Now available: MB Design wheels

We now carry the complete MB Design range of rims in the online shop. Order concave and convex wheels as well as one-piece and multi-piece rims in 17 to 24 inches online now.

Aluminum and magnesium forged wheels for passenger cars, SUVs and electric vehicles. Exclusive designs and TÜV tested quality - Made in Germany!

With us you can use the configurator to select your vehicle and then you will receive the right offers for the MB KV1S, MB Turbo, MB VR3, MB MSP, MB KV4 and many more rims.

MB Design SF1 Forged - The new forged wheel

Forged high-end aluminum rims from 19" to 24" - Made in Germany!

  • for electric vehicles with extremely high wheel loads
  • optimized for sports cars with focus on brakes and weight
  • in 29 different sizes from 19 to 24 inches
  • available for many SUVs from 19 to 24 inches
  • Bolt circles 5x100 to 5x130 in almost all offsets

MB Design MF1 Forged Magnesium 

The brand new mbDESIGN rim model MF1 FORGED MAGNESIUM is made of magnesium using a new and patented forging technology. This innovative production technology has numerous advantages: Wheels made from the high-tech material magnesium combine maximum stability with minimum weight. They are up to 30 percent lighter than conventional cast aluminum wheels. The filigree MF1 wheel with the dimensions 8.0×19 inches ET50 weighs just 7.2 kg – with a load capacity of 580 kg, this weight is potentially record-breaking.

The low weight of the forged magnesium rims leads to a reduction in the unsprung mass, which is noticeable in noticeably improved driving dynamics and smoother running behavior of the entire vehicle. In addition, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicles are reduced, which means that the range of e-cars increases. The Forged Magnesium rims from mbDESIGN are offered at a lower price than some aluminum forged rims. The reason for this is a new type of fully automated production that is geared towards high-speed and series production.

MB Design Wheel Finder

MB Design KV3.2 two-part wheel 

The multi-part wheels are produced in-house CNC production. Here the rim stars are milled from forged aluminum using the latest CNC machines. Constant evaluations guarantee the fulfillment of the highest quality standards.

Since 2012, 5-axis machining has been an integral part of the manufacture of mbDESIGN forged wheels - thanks to years of experience in the manufacture of multi-piece rims, a variety of designs in extreme sizes can be offered.


  • 8,5x19"; 9,5x19", 
  • 9,0x20"; 10,5x20"; 11,2x20"
  • 9,0x21"; 10,5x21"; 11,5x21"
  • 9,0x22"; 10,5x22"

MB Design LV1

LV1 is a 1-piece wheel in a 3-piece design with extreme brake clearance so that even retrofitted TT-RS brakes can be used with ET45 without any problems.
The MB Design one-piece LV1 wheel is manufactured using the casting process, but the LV1 is designed in such a way that there is hardly any difference to the 3-piece forged version.

  • 3-part optics
  • Real M7 stainless steel screws (no decorative screws like other manufacturers)
  • Extreme brake clearance, e.g. Audi TT RS with 8.5×19 ET45 suitable
  • Partially drilled without a centering ring
  • Partial connection with standard wheel bolts
  • Made in Germany & Italy
  • from 11.6 kg in 8.5×19 inches

MB Design KV1S - concave wheels

The KV1 rim is manufactured using a special low-pressure casting process and is additionally T6 heat-treated. This means that the wheels are also heat treated to achieve high strength with low weight.

The processing of the KV1 wheelis similar to that of a milled forged wheel.

  • Made in Germany & Italy
  • Concave 48mm – 8.5×19″ | 9.0×20″ (normal version for VA with “wide” brake)
  • Deep Concave (DC) 77mm – 9.5×19″ | 9.0×20″ | 10.5×20″ | 12×20″ (DC = extreme concave)
  • Internal low lip- 105mm | DC 135mm
  • Recessed valve ideal for hidden valves
  • Cast mbDESIGN lettering
  • Narrow, extremely easy connection
  • Spoke protrusion at the rim flange (4mm) for maximum size and extreme optics
  • High stability through low pressure casting and heat treatment T6 (heat treatment)
  • from 11.6 kg in 8.5×19 inches | from 11.9 kg in 9×20 inches | from 13.4 in 10.5×20 inches | from 13.9 in 12×20 inches

More MB Design wheels

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